Chairman's Message

Captain International School come into existence in 2016 to accept the challenges to fulfil the commitment towards the society in the changed socio-economic and educational scenario. The present decode has witnessed tremendous clangs in all aspects of life i.e. political, economical, social education and cultural. The forthcoming decade is further going to bring a lot of challenges and it is a great responsibility of the modern schools to mentor the young children and to would them to face the challenges ahead. I have reasons to believe that as per the features planned, the Captain International School Shall meet all challenges of mentoring and transforming its students top be worthy citizen of India and the world. We provide a world class education for our students which means not only of high standards but of high expectations an high levels of accountability of students, parents and teachers and the community as a whole. I express my feeling of thanks to you for your kind co-operation and support and expect the same in future.

Md. Tahseen Mushtaque