Safety & Security

The school takes all possible precaution for the safety and security of its students. Safe drinking water .fire extinguisher, special switching system with high quality fuse device security guards. close circuit cameras etc have been installed / arranged for safety and security measures


CCTV system is an electronic innovation which not only works as a measure of precaution and security but also installed in educational institutions to promote discipline among student, teachers, checking rowdyism and use of unfair means during examinations besides keeping a close eye on intruders and unwanted visitor. It also helps promoting work culture. Confidence, efficiency.Professionalism and guides the school management to monitor the progress of all concerned.

The installed a close circuit cameras in the school provide multi vision system with two way audio-visual system a special system of recording the entire activities of the campus.The recording may remain stored and may be referred to see any event of a particular day and time